Quality Child Care for 1-5 year olds in Victoria, BC

Clothing / Food

Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather.  Since we live in such a beautiful sunny/rainy climate please have other sources of clothing readily available for your child.  We play outdoors everyday; therefore children should come prepared for outdoor play.

  • Rain wear-boots/jacket
  • Change of clothing, warm/cool
  • Warm coat, hats, mitts
  • Splash pants

The children will be having many active and messy play activities.  I ask that your child be dressed in play clothes that are comfortable and functional so they are able to enjoy all activities.  I also ask that you provide a full change of clothes in case of any food spills or washroom accidents.  Please label a back-pack for extra clothing with your Childs name on it.

The parent will need to provide diapers for their child.  Daycare provides non-scented wipes.

The parent will need to provide a full balanced lunch, milk /juice and two snacks for your child.  Water will be accessible throughout the day.