Quality Child Care for 1-5 year olds in Victoria, BC

Monthly Theme

May 2012 – Monthly Theme


Jungle Jamboree

This month your child will venture into the rainforest to see the layers, listen to the animals, learn about the plants and creatures and study life in the jungle.  He will bring home a snake, an iguana, a butterfly and a parrot as he explore the colors, sights and sounds found in this fascinating place.  Topics  are animals noises in the jungle, smaller creatures in the Jungle, life in the jungle, layers of the Jungle.

Letters                       Zz,Gg,AaVictoria Child Care Langford BC

Colors                        Green/Blue

Numbers                   19, 20

Shape                        Octagon

Sight Words             my, run, away

Activities range from art to games, storytelling, exercise, science, math and much more.  The activities are carefully planned to help your child grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.  Art’s and Craft’s are provided daily.  Watch for many projects that your child will bring home to share with you.  Try asking your child about the process they experienced when creating the art.

Early Skills Language and printing Journals will give Children the focused practice they need to master letters numbers, rhyming sounds and more, that teach essential early language skills.

Music is structured daily for your Child.  We play with percussion instruments, keyboard, harmonicas, kazoos and Recorders.  Your child will learn tones, pitches, and a variety of Rhythm.  We have a movement class everyday which we learn different types of dance and body exercises.

Your Child will learn:

Positive self-esteem/mathpatterning/measurement/classification/sequencing/sorting/problem-solving skills/following directions/spatial skills/visual memory/visual discrimination/observations/predictions/comparisons/cooperation/music and rhythm/safety/self-help/independence/listening skills/auditory discrimination/language enhancement/fine motor development/gross motor development/sharing & manners